Our Fan Coil Units with intelligent Trend controls talk to your Building Management System

Quiet air conditioning

Offering quiet, energy efficient and powerful Fan Coil Units, providing air-conditioning for offices, hotel rooms and residential apartments. With our flexible modular design allowing components to be added to suit your precise requirements and the compact construction is ideal for installation within ceiling or floor voids.

Caice fan coil units with intelligent Trend controls
Fan Coil Unit by Caice


Modular concept allowing for easy design redevelopment at any stage of a project.
Integrated attenuator options
Noise levels as low as NR25
0-10V infinitely variable controller on EC models
Optional Trend controllers
Accepts most other proprietary intelligent controllers
BMS Compatible
Published test data to BS 4856
Individual fan / motor assemblies for ease of replacement

The ideal solution for a quiet life. No more undesirable noise in quiet spaces.

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