Fan Coil Unit FAQs

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This is our Fan Coil Unit FAQs page. We have extensive experience in designing and building FCU air conditioning systems and are pleased to share this knowledge with you, regardless of the level of your technical experience.

What is a Fan Coil Unit (FCU)?

A fan coil unit is simply a unit with a fan (or a number of fans) and a heat exchanger coil inside it and provides a room with local comfort cooling and heating.

How does a Fan Coil Unit work?

The fan(s) pull or blow air through the unit and across the coil. Chilled or hot water piped from the chiller or boiler passes through the coil, tempering the air, which is supplied to the room. The air in the room is recirculated through the FCU to achieve the desired room condition. 

What does FCU unit mean in electrical terms?

Electrical energy is required to power the fan motors and also to power any associated controls – such as valve actuators (which open and close valves controlling the water to the coil). The energy consumed by the fans (Specific Fan Power or SFP) is stated as the number of Watts consumed per litre a second of air supplied.

What are the types of FCU or Fan Coil Units?

FCUs either operate with water (known as 2 or 4 pipe fan coil units), or with refrigerant gasses (known as VRF or DX units). Both styles are then made in either in horizontal or vertical orientation (as defined by the direction of airflow) and can come in chassis (no casing) or cased units. 

What is the typical size and cost of a Fan Coil Unit?

Typically FCUs are around 500 mm – 2,000mm wide and between 160 mm – 400 mm deep. The typical length is 500 mm – 800 mm, The average cost per unit is around £500 – without considering any ancillaries – like controls, attenuators or valves etc.

Why is an air conditioning unit called a Fan Coil Unit or FCU? 

A local air conditioning unit which uses a fan to move tempered air which is provided by a coil is then commonly referred to as a fan coil unit.  

What is Sensible, Latent and Total Cooling?

Sensible is the cooling that is delivered to the room. Latent is the wasted energy the coil produces in the form of condensation. Total cooling is the combination of the Sensible and the Latent. Therefore  any reduction in Latent cooling saves energy.

Why is the correct term FCU not FCU unit?

There is no need to repeat the word unit as FCU stands for Fan Coil Unit.


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