Providing noise management without compromise

Caice Fan Coil Units provide effective heating and cooling to an air-conditioned space. Air conditioning units can create undesirable noise in spaces designed to offer tranquillity such as apartments and hotel bedrooms, and our modular design provides the ideal solution.

Integrated attenuators that have been performance tested, provide optimised airflow to the fan coil units without the need for additional costly connection pieces. We supply a variety of attenuators at various lengths on both the inlet and discharge side of the fan coil unit, to suit each installation.

Our team of acousticians are on hand to help design fan coil units to suit specific project requirements, with room noise levels as low as NR25 being achieved. Don’t just take our word for it- hear it for yourselves!

The following recordings are of Fan Coil Units in air conditioning units. The first fan sound has been installed without an attenuator and the second fan has the addition of a 900mm long discharge attenuator.

Noise levels without the Attenuator:

Noise levels WITH the Attenuator:

As you can hear, incorporating the Attenuator can offer up to a 13-decibel reduction in NR noise levels. These sound clips demonstrate the kind of noise reduction possible with an acoustic fan coil unit and don’t represent the noise level in the room.

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