Our Attenuators have guaranteed performance, as nobody assesses against ISO 7235:2009 in a UKAS accredited facility like we have.

All for a quiet life

Our attenuators reduce noise produced by fan units and other equipment within heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Generally mounted within the system’s ductwork, they ensure that a specific noise criteria is achieved within the internal or external areas served. Our comprehensive range offers solutions for rectangular and circular ductwork or products can be specifically designed for installation within apertures and restricted spaces. UKAS accredited testing of our attenuators means we can guarantee the noise reduction performance of any unit. The range is backed up with free attenuator selection software to download.


Lining attenuators for smaller applications
Splitter attenuators for medium applications
Modular attenuators for larger applications
Element attenuators for installation within apertures
Circular attenuators for circular duct or plant applications
Bend attenuators for applications with limited space
Free attenuator selector software available on request

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