Our new & pioneering ‘Continuous Line’ Acoustic Louvre system

The unique and modular design maintains a ‘continuous line’ appeal that’s easy to assemble with our optional integrated steel work support system.

Visually attractive and versatile

With our Continuous Line Acoustic Louvres you can achieve a similar visual appearance to Continuous Line Weather Louvres. A range of sound reduction performance options are then available to suit your particular requirements including Attenuators mounted at the rear for even greater performance.

Being the largest company in the UK that manufactures Continuous Line Acoustic Louvres, Continuous Line Weather Louvres and Attenuators in-house we will recommend the best performing and most cost effcient solution for your project.

Contemporary looks, enhanced by improved performance. We are proud to be leading edge.

One multi-purpose system with many applications

Acoustic Louvre applications include: fresh air intakes and exhausts for ventilation systems, mechanical equipment screens or enclosures, natural ventilation and façade cladding, all providing a seamless look wherever they are used.

For a totally individual appearance, the Acoustic Louvres are fabricated from galvanised steel and can be finished in polyester powder paint to a wide range of RAL colours.

You can be confident in our performance testing

We like to do things properly and our Acoustic Louvre range has therefore been rigorously tested to offer performance data that you can trust. Applicable standards are:

Sound Reduction BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010 (SRL)
Insertion Loss and Pressure Loss BS EN ISO 7235: 2009 (LCP)
Rainwater Penetration BS EN ISO 13030: 2001 (BSRIA)
More details on these test standards are available upon request.

Class A rainwater penetration

Rainwater will penetrate into a building through standard Acoustic Louvres. So we have developed a unique rainwater rejection system that can be fitted to the rear of the Acoustic Louvres to achieve Class A rainwater penetration when tested at BSRIA (99% effective at 1m/s face velocity).

Built with designers
and architects in mind


Infinity Here East Data Centre

(previously the Olympic Media Centre)

East London

We designed, supplied and installed £2.69m worth of SS150 Acoustic Louvres and support steelwork as a façade to protect residential neighbours from plant noise emissions from this new data centre.

Read full article.

Supporting you every step of the way

We are always delighted to answer your questions and provide you with  detailed specifications acoustic design and pricing. If you have a complex project then we can develop products or design solutions to meet your specialist needs with our bespoke service.

Beautifully designed

All our contracts are drawn by skilled technicians, using AutoDesk Inventor, building accurate 3D models of the products, so all elements fit perfectly with each other and your building.

Partner with experts who understand you and your market

Continuous investment in automated

Advanced technology is central to our Production facilities in Dorset. From automated laser profiling and folding of sheet metal parts to high-quality polyester powder painting for a durable and long-lasting finish. We hate waste of all kinds and so continuously drive them out. Guaranteeing you the highest quality products, achieving your expectations, and all delivered at the lowest possible cost.

Accurate installation, on time and budget

Our highly trained project managers will work with you to ensure our products are installed on time and to budget, even for the most challenging of projects. The unique modular design of our Acoustic Louvres makes installation faster, helping to save vital time on site. We have even designed an innovative front fix bracket system for situations where the louvers can only be installed from the front.

Acoustic Louvre applications

Our acousticians will recommend the best solution for your project based on your specific application and requirements. Whether natural or mechanical ventilation is required, what demand there is for sound reduction and if unsightly buildings or plant need ‘hiding’ from view.

The geographical location and height above sea level will also determine exposure to weather and wildlife which may require added protection. Whatever your challenges, we’ll have you covered.

UKCA & CE marked Acoustic Louvre doors

As well as being a legal requirement, your wellbeing and safety is important to us so our doors are both UKCA and CE marked. Doors are available as both single and double leaf. There’s an extensive range of furniture options to meet both your safety and security requirements. They are offered for active airflow or provided as dummy profiles with blanking.


Nobody likes noisy neighbours.
Reduce noise levels with our acoustically treated louvre systems

We’re pioneers. Partnering with you to lead our industry, by creating the best products and structuring our business around you. Sharing our knowledge, embracing new ways of working using the latest technologies and being careful of our environment.

Acoustic Louvre options


A wide range of performance options available

Six different models are available with varying degrees of sound reduction performance using Acoustic Louvre depths of 150mm, 300mm and 600mm. Two models of matching 150mm deep Dummy Acoustic Louvres can also be provided with acoustic blanking at the rear where air movement is not required.


Optional panels fitted behind the Acoustic Louvres

These options will make your building work better and help to match your specific requirements.

* Please contact Caice to ensure the correct application of Insect mesh


Steelwork support system

We have developed a steelwork support system that can be fully integrated into our design to enable easy installation of Acoustic Louvres for screening applications, enclosures or within large building apertures. Calculations can be provided to ensure structural and wind loading requirements are achieved.



Cornwall Energy Recovery
Centre (CERC)

St Austell, Cornwall.

We designed a completely new Acoustic Louvre to meet the Class A rainwater penetration requirements for this exposed project near the coast.

High winds and working through the winter also made installation challenging at 50 meters above the ground. Yet it was completed safely and on time with special scissor lifts externally and abseilers inside.

Read full article.

Our contemporary louvres can be designed to suit any shape and size for any building project

Reduce noise levels with our continuous line acoustic louvre systems

Noises that can be generated from plant and machinery within built-up areas can become a serious issue for any building project, our acoustic louvres will eliminate any potential issues from noisy items.

Modern buildings require substantial air input and extraction for mechanised and natural ventilation. Your project will have its own unique set of requirements and our range of acoustic louvres will satisfy most circumstances. We’ll rise to every challenge and our bespoke service will meet your needs if required.

Our continuous line acoustic louvres are fabricated from galvanised steel and are finished in powder-coated paint, with most RAL finishes available. Download our continuous line acoustic louvre brochure, below:


Full acoustic design services
Full design to integration services
Available in plain steel or polyester powder painted
Full support steelwork available

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