Acoustic panelling – don’t let reverberant noise be an issue

Acoustic panelling is designed to be fixed to the fabric of the building to reduce a room’s reverberant noise level

Available in different thicknesses to suit all kinds of application, our panels are perfectly suited for all manner of building projects such as lining plant rooms, production areas, swimming pools and anywhere reverberant noise is an issue.

Made of durable steel, our Acoustic Panelling service includes designing and installing equipment that not only looks great but works perfectly to reduce the irritating reverb sounds that can be created by fans and other pieces of machinery.

Our panelling systems are designed with the latest CAD software, making our installations convenient. Our experienced acoustic consultants can model the noise environment to comply with your design standards.


Full acoustic design and installation service
Full steelwork support available
Effective reverberation control
Bespoke solutions

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