Experienced and professional acoustic consultancy for the planning, design, construction and final commissioning stages

If you have a tricky question or challenging project then you are in the right place. Our acousticians have specialist expertise and deep experience across a broad range of different types of projects including offices, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities, residential developments and lab based product performance testing. From noise surveys at the planning stage, consultancy at the design and construction stage, through to final commissioning, all areas are covered.

Our consultants will personally manage your project using the latest measurement instrumentation and acoustic modelling software for improved accuracy – resulting in cost effective design solutions.


Ductborne – fan noise via the ductwork systems

Crosstalk – noise transfer between adjacent areas

Airflow generated – noise caused by air moving through the ductwork systems

Ceiling void equipment – noise from fan coil units, terminal units, air conditioners, etc

External plant – noise to surrounding areas from chillers, condensers, fans, etc Ductborne – fan noise via the ductwork systems

Plant vibration isolation – to ensure suitable vibration isolation methods are adopted

Lifts – to give outline advice for noise and vibration control

Background noise surveys – to establish suitable external noise criteria for planning

Façade noise surveys – to identify noise levels impinging upon the outside of the building

Planning surveys – to establish façade noise levels for residential planning

Continuous noise monitoring – extended recording of internal or external noise levels

Pre-completion testing with UKAS accreditation – to identify if sound insulation between dwellings complies with Building Regulation requirements

Commercial sound insulation testing – to identify performance between adjacent areas

Reverberation testing – to measure room acoustic characteristics

Commissioning testing – to identify if the required internal or external noise levels have been achieved

Plant testing – determine radiated sound power levels to ISO 3744 or 3746

Plant diagnostic testing – assess noise problems and provide remedial advice

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