Industrial Air Conditioning Projects

Industrial air conditioning

Our fan coil units are designed with industrial air conditioning systems in mind, making them perfect for administration offices and support buildings on industrial sites. The units offer high performance, and energy efficiency, as well as being very quiet. The fan coils also boast lower lifetime maintenance costs, when compared to other FCUs.

15% More Energy Efficient & Smaller

The redesigned fan chamber, coil and block results in a 15% lower Specific Fan Power, or SFP, when compared to other fan coil units, as well as reducing their width by 20% compared to most other industrial air conditioning systems.

Cooling capacity increased by 60%  

Increasing the airflow across the redesigned coil boosts performance up to 60% in cooling capacity whilst achieving a noise target. This is combined with a reduction in wasted cooling because of a Lower Latent Factor of 50% – leading to reduced chiller and pump requirements.

Cut Costs by 12%*

Our redesigned coil and fan chamber reduces the cost/kW by around 12% on average*, for each project, thus saving money when compared with other fan coil unit systems for industrial offices and administration buildings.

Lower Servicing Cost

The industrial air conditioning units have been made thinner to ensure easy access via ceiling tiles, reducing maintenance costs as well as saving on damage caused by trying to reach traditional units.

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