Caice Fan Coil Units are ideal for domestic air conditioning in high end residential apartments and hotels

Domestic air conditioning

Residential Fan Coil Units for quiet domestic air conditioning

Caice Fan Coil Units use environmentally friendly chilled water for domestic air conditioning rather than refrigerants which make them ideal for large blocks of residential apartments rather than one off houses. 

They set a new standard in quietness guaranteed down to NR25 and are compliant with Part L of Building Regulations. As well as being more energy efficient with an 15% lower specific fan power rating and because of their 50% lower latent factor, reduce wasted cooling, reducing the burden on the chiller.

With integral attenuation

You can ensure that FCUs are not oversized and meet project noise criteria as low as NR25 using optional integral attenuation. The FCU and attenuator are tested together so we fully understand the effect of adding the attenuator to the FCU. Bespoke attenuators are designed for the FCUs to improve aerodynamic efficiency. Both the FCUs and attenuators are made in the same factory, reducing cost.

Easy access means lower lifetime service and maintenance costs

Caice is also the only company to develop a fan scroll side access option to fit a 600mm x 600mm ceiling hatch, ceiling or floor tile compared to the full width access of the FCU from other manufacturers. 

This means that lifetime service and maintenance costs are lower, meaning they are more cost effective and better value. As their concertina filters, controls and fans fit through the same reduced access in plasterboard ceilings; saving cost and reducing destructive maintenance.

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