Discreet, natural Acoustic Trickle Vents for windows with high sound insulation. Proven acoustic performance, measured in an independent acoustic test facility in accordance with BS EN 20140-10:1992

Acoustic Trickle Vents for windows let fresh air in and keep noise out

Natural ventilation systems introduce air paths in the façade that undermine the sound insulation performance of the building structure, so we have designed and developed a highly effective range of Acoustic Trickle Ventsfor windows to neatly and discreetly solve this problem.

Fresh air is essential for the well-being of everyone inside a building. If not considered at the right time or appropriate way, natural methods of fresh air ventilation can be noisy and disturb the occupants comfort in a space.

Caice Acoustic Trickle Vents are unobtrusive and can be easily integrated into your rooms

Our Acoustic Trickle Ventilator range is for residential and hotel bedrooms primarily but can be adapted for almost any project where background or trickle ventilation is required.

Products are integrated unobtrusively into the building façade, below lintels and above windows. Flush fit externally, they can also be polyester powder painted for a superior appearance and to match your window design.

Internally, they can be exposed within the room, or concealed within a bulkhead. Non-active (or dummy) versions are also available to maintain a consistent aesthetic appearance inside and out.

The internal acoustic media has a Class “O” fire rating in accordance with BS 476 Part 24

The ventilator range is not suitable for buildings where a residential floor is 18 metres or more above ground level as the acoustic media will not comply to “A1” or “A2-S1, do” to BS EN 13501.

Choose from our standard range of Acoustic Trickle Ventilators, have them tailored or specify a bespoke solution

Each of the standard products from our core range of Acoustic Ventilatorscan be tailored to suit your design requirements or the physical constraints for the given application.

Having listened to you, our experts will then help you specify the best product. If you need a totally bespoke solution, we can develop the concept, undertaking acoustic and aerodynamic tests to give you confidence in their performance.

Forced ventilation systems

We have a separate range of Attenuators, Acoustic Louvres, Acoustic Screens or Enclosures that reduce noisy forced ventilation systems to very low and comfortable levels.

There are two methods of installation for our Acoustic Trickle Vents

They can be either exposed or concealed within a bulkhead.


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