Minimising potential disruption by Brexit

So you continue to receive our high quality products we have been working with our partners to minimise potential delays.

The final terms on which the United Kingdom will exit the European Union remain unclear and indeed may not be fully agreed upon until we are closer to the exit date of 31st January 2020. Caice takes its responsibility in the supply chain very seriously and continues to monitor Brexit negotiations to make sure appropriate measures are put in place prior to the exit from the EU.

We are having ongoing discussions with our suppliers to understand what processes both we and they can put in place to minimise both disruption to the supply of goods and the costs of any additional import tariffs. We are fortunate to have a strong and loyal base of suppliers with whom we have worked very closely for many years as genuine partners. We can therefore confidently report that due consideration is being given to the subject and that appropriate and positive steps have been taken, including the increasing of stockholdings, to ensure continuity of supply and to minimise the effects of any disruption.

At the same time we are ourselves strategically and significantly increasing our stocks of materials and components to provide a buffer and to smooth any potential delays/disruptions arising on the date of and as a consequence of Brexit or the uncertainty surrounding it.

As a direct consequence of our work, our plans to date and our ongoing actions we currently do not foresee any significant issues in our ability to continue to service the market with our high quality products.

We thank you for your continued custom and we hope this reassures you that we are working very hard to make sure the impact of any Brexit deal on your business with us is minimised as much as possible.

However, if you have any specific questions or concerns then get in touch.

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